Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Shoehorning Junk Into My House

Tomorrow, I will buy a lottery ticket. I NEED a bigger house, this has become increasing more evident as something new (but old) seems to creep into my house every week!
This month, my lovely man and I found that we both had a Monday off work :) we haven't both managed a weekend off together this year, so a day together while the babies were at school was a welcome and much needed treat indeed. We all know how easy it is (don't we??) to find a day is wasted just mooching.....having another cup of tea and putting a bit more laundry in, and so I was decisive! Yes, I made a plan :) off to the antique and collectors fair in Stoneleigh we would go! My big car has been grounded since December, some sort of gear boxy issue, and so we'd have to make do with my Dads tiny 2 seater MG....but I was sure it would fit a bit of treasure in if we packed it well :)
These are the beauties we found! I've no idea why we ended up with toys..... I'm a sucker for a sad face I guess. The koala is made of kangaroo skin, our children hate it! And the wings.....something told me I HAD to go back after seeing them at the start of the day. I felt strangely drawn to them, and they now hang above a photograph of my Dad. We picked up 2 anglepoise lamps, so I suppose my expert rewiring/vodka drinking skills will be out to use again! Oh, and the doll.....Jemima?? I feeeel she's a Jemima.

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