Monday, 6 May 2013

It's Just A Small Addiction

I, surely like the rest of England, am so incredibly happy to see the sunshine!! Last year I had just lost my Dad at this time, and was in the limbo between loss and funeral, and I most definitely wasn't aware of the change in season. This year, I've relished every tiny bud, the blossom on the trees, the change in light and the uplift in mood. I don't think I've ever appreciated Spring like I have this year. We've eaten outside twice this week, I'm actually enjoying cutting the grass, and driving means the window is immediately rolled down to let the air in, instead of clamped shut to keep the icy chill out. I actually smile in the morning when I drag my ass out of bed and draw the blinds!!!
The lighter nights most certainly means more motivation and increased productivity for me. Lately I'm itching for a project, and uncomfortable being idle. Last night I made the most of the fading light, and wrapped some old fabric scraps around a tree trunk in my garden. I adore yarn bombing, but just do not have the time or the patience for it, so I came up with my own quick substitute. Post work on Saturday also saw a lazy walk into town, and some great treasure discoveries. My youngest daughter turns 11 next Sunday, we are having a vintage tea party. I'm not overly keen on conventional, and had a flash inspiration for 'party bags' and bought some little tea cups to fill with chocolate and tie up in ribbon. I also got a teensy bit carried away in buying headscarves, to adorn our guests and spread the vintage love.

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