Monday, 29 April 2013

Spring Is Bloomin' Well Sprung......I Hope?!

I was up before the sun this morning! And while it would have been nice if that meant skipping gleefully from my uncrumpled sheets in a Snow White like fashion, and making tea with a smile on my face and a bluebird on my shoulder, the reality was that I was kicked out of bed by my dog and my mans encroaching foot. (See photo.....they expect me to actually put up with this!)
Nevertheless, it has been nice to leave for work in an organised fashion, and not in a whirlwind of swear words and forgotten lunches.

My weekend was not quite what I'd planned, but cool still. On Saturday, man had me up and ready at 8:30am to go to a motorbike show in Stafford *yaaawwn*. I did express that it was under a tiny bit of duress, but I was a good girl and didn't moan an ounce all day. There were oodles of stalls selling pieces of metal, some rusty, some shiny. Pistons, push rods, valves and goodness only knows what. The men outnumbered the ladies 1000 to 1, and most were not particularly pleasing to the people watching eye, but I did find a little bit of treasure myself! Oh yes.....even at a motorbike show, I can wheedle out a bit of junk to shoehorn in to my already overstuffed house! I bought an old railway carriage lamp, which I've filled full of twinkly lights :) I also bought 3 vintage oil cans, because for £3 a shot, who wouldn't!!!?

I do love a bit of treasure hunting. I had to work a 10 hour night shift after the bike show, so the edge was taken off by uploading my wares to Instagram afterwards. I'm thinking the oil cans could become lamps quite easily with a light fitting. You think? Ill add them to the long list.......

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