Monday, 1 April 2013

One A Penny

Success! After using the wrong sugar, and initially forgetting the cinnamon (nothing to do with the vodka I'd drank I'm sure), my hot cross buns were a hit. Phew.
So there's been a lot of sitting about on arses, a lot of chocolate which has driven The Moo crackers all day, and a roast cooked.
And check out this beautiful find in my local Vintage shop. A très cute box of crochet thread. Inside was a half finished baby bootie and a half finished collar. This was a labour of love for somebody who never got to finish it. I long for the story behind the treasure. It pains me to separate the 'bits', but after seeing a project on the Junkaholique blog, I've filled up a Kilner jar and used the bootie and a couple of bundles of thread . I guess the ensemble could be 're-ensembled' at any time so it's ok

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