Sunday, 31 March 2013

Hot Cross Buns & Vodka

It's 2:30am and in waiting on the second 'proving' of my first attempt at hot cross buns. I was getting concerned that this level of domesticity meant I was losing my 'rock n roll'....but I've baked after generous consumption of vodka, and so am content that I still have an edge.
My work means that free weekends are few and far between, so this weekend has been a welcome change. Instead of hauling myself to the grindstone at 7:30, I took myself out at 10:30 to buy daffodils and visit a friend. I'm a teensy bit envious of women who get endless free days to do whatever the hell the choose, but the feeling is quickly overridden with pride and satisfaction that I make my own money and am completely self sufficient if needs be, and so time is a luxury enjoyed in a way that only a working, independent woman can! :)
I have used my hard earned pennies to purchase my current want, an eiderdown....well four actually!
Oh how I love then. Again, worrying! I'm 32...?

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