Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Look Into My Eyes

I wouldn't very much like to meet a mind reader. I'm not sure I'd like them to 'hear' the disjointed ramblings that course through my head during the minutes of the day....

Do you ever wonder....if you started digging a hole beneath your feet at home, and could keep on digging, right through the centre of the earth and out the other side....who is sharing the exact spot of the earth underneath your feet? Maybe its ocean and there lives a menacing sharp toothed shark. Maybe there's a woman, swaddling her baby every night just as you're getting up and popping the kettle on. Is she happy? I'm sure, that if I was a bit cleverer and had some patience, I could find out what was right below my feet when I'm layering up a vegetable lasagne. There's coordinates and google earth and all that jazz. If there lived a lady, underneath, I'd write to her. I'd tell her about my life and my day and my family and my routine....and when I slammed a door or jumped up and down, I'd think of her and wonder if she heard it or felt a little shuddering. 
It's pretty special to think you actually HAVE a little piece of the earth. Just for a while mind. My patch of the world pulls me, I gravitate to home.

Do you ever look at a cooling bath full of water whilst you're wrapping your hair in a towel, and suddenly feel so very wasteful and lucky. Maybe 'underneath', someone is walking a long long way for the luxury of water to drink, and mine is gurgling down the plug hole with the remnants of a Henna Conditioner and some fancy sugar body scrub I got for Christmas.

Think about the hours and days and months collectively spent beautifying our homes, plumping cushions and dusting treasures....all for the pleasure on the eye. What perhaps more meaningful pursuits would we endeavour to conquer if we had no sight, just touch and smell and sound and love.


  1. Beautiful pictures Jo - love them all ... yes I do sometimes find it odd when I am typing away here about how hot & dry & brown & crisp it is & then I watch the news & you are all in the depths of winter & its wet & wild & windy & your all rugged up in your woollies with your fire roaring, & I'm standing in front of the fan. When I started blogging it would amuse me that we would be in spring with bulbs popping thru & you were all in autumn with the leaves everywhere., I am not sure a mind reader would want to read most of our thoughts ... as the psychic I went to one day looked at me rather oddly & frowned !!!!!!!
    I LOVE your home pics & I am so glad that Teddy got to have a soapy bath - I especially love the wall with the chalk writing on - is that blackboard paint on it??? It looks great. Happy days to you, Julie x0x

  2. how strange that the only other comment - at the moment - is from julie in new zealand because when i think of someone on the other side of the world it is always my oldest son who also lives in NZ!!! i know what you mean about the mind reader bit - I don't necessarily share the same thoughts as you but i completely understand what you are saying ....... i have always felt "different" to other people but when i found blogland through hettie brown i suddenly realised that there are people who think deeply like me after all and that was such a comfort ...........i hope you are also comforted by this and that you are ok and that you have a great weekend ........... nearly forgot to add that i love teddy having a bath too and that lovely neat row of footwear!!!!! xxxx

  3. Yes I often think of all the other lives around the world or even all the other lives I would be living if I were somewhere else. Before this body did it's thing I used to spend 6/7 months a year in India... I always slotted straight back into India it was coming back here, the waste, the lack of smiles and endless moaning that I had to adapt to.... loving the glimpses of your life...sending smiles and love Cass x

  4. hello Jo ...i dont think i've ever thought about whats down before, i always think about up...the stars the moon...whats up there. whats below my feet is a whole lot of energy and a place to grow seeds and dig the earth, so you have made me think about who is under all of that too? When i was 17 i went to AUstralia and met someone who looked just like me , it was kind of weird, to meet another me on the other side of the world. take care lovely xx

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