Sunday, 15 September 2013

A Stitch In Time

I'm going to sound like I have absolutely no skill, and a terribly short fuse now after my last write, as I want to send out my frustration to the ether about my inability to use a sewing machine. I have a grand desire to be able to. My head bubbles over with ideas and inspiration and projects, and then they get backbenched because I lack the necessary knowledge to bring them to fruition.
I had my babies very early, in fact, I was round and glowing when I sat my A Level exams. Despite some pre-misconceptions, there was no accident, I simply just knew it was what my heart was made for, needed and very much wanted at the time. There's not an ounce of regret, and I am the proud 'owner' of two incredibly beautiful, thoughtful, clever, sensationally wonderful rugrats (well I call them rats, though it is a term of endearment that seems lost on the majority) 11 and nearly 15. 
In the last year, I've noticed a change. I'm slipping towards near redundancy on many levels. I have time.... Ok so we've swapped one lot of trials and tricky times for a different set of mascara'd trials and hormonal times, but it's easier. And I realised that I found it difficult when asked to list 10 things that interested me. Hmmmm. So what do I like? How do I spend my free time? Who is Jo? It became apparent that if and when I was in possession of aforementioned free time, I generally scrubbed the kitchen floor, sent old Wendy Washer off on another 40 degree cycle, and then gravitated towards the rats' bedrooms, for a sort and polish and tidy and rearrange. A little panic hit. I'm 14 years into this Mother stuff, and I don't have 14 more years ahead. Well, I have a lifetime, but not with them all dwelling in my nest. What will I do after? You know, after the fledgling flight? There'll be fewer bras drying from the handlebars of the vintage Triumph motorcycle that is currently parking in my dining room (whole other post/rant). I'll put hairspray down and not need to spend 40 minutes trying to find it again. It'll be where I left it!!!!! 
I won't go on too long. I've had tears, sulks, thoughts of another baby, and all manner of crazy reactions. I've given some good time to 'finding Jo' and had the odd success along the way. The crochet is cracked, the blogging.....well I've had a go. Next.....Sewing. I can't get away from it, it's a trick I need to tackle so that I can truly unleash my inner creative Jo'ness. As with the granny square and the knitted scarf, the sewing stopped 3 years ago at a cushion cover. It was old stinky hessian too which was probably the worst thing to start with.

Cute. Quite pleased. But beginner. Not a patchwork quilt. Couldn't even get a straight line. And man had to thread the darn thing as the instructions were missing.

I want to make gorgeousness. I want to take my linen finds and stitch a patchwork of them, to hang at the window for the sun to shine on. I'm writing to Santa to ask for a new machine that has instructions and can have its tension altered. I've been a super good girl, and so I'm hopeful. Until then, I'm hanging my linen at the window anyway. Man thought it had been put there to dry, and didn't seem all that thrilled to learn it was permanent temporary installation. Oh well. 

I've had a few good linen finds of late. Meant to be.


  1. Hello Jo!
    Love your blog, please don't feel that you have to sew in a straight line!
    I once bought one of those cutter things in order to do some 'proper' patchwork and resulted in nearly cutting my fingers off!
    Wonky sewing is the best!
    Take care chucks x

  2. Thank you ever so much for taking the time to drop me a note! I love the use of Chuck, it's been a favourite in my family since always
    I'm starting to realise that the wonky and the imperfect is in fact wonderful. As people, and in our relationships, I've always said that imperfection is perfection, so perhaps I need to allow that to apply to other things x

  3. Loving your net curtains!! and some pretty embroidered linen finds... yep I've got a couple of suitcases full of them awaiting my spine to allow me to have some sewing fun again... I even found a local lady who runs cheap classes... I want to make clothes.... that's winter sorted!! Cx

    1. Making clothes would be amazing wouldn't it! I hope you get on those classes lady! Good luck xx