Thursday, 20 June 2013

Making A Statement.....When Less Is More

So, I had a couple of brain waves. I thought I had better share them, as electronic proof in the future that they did actually occur once. You know, good ideas. I think I mentioned before that I had bought some china tea cups to give out instead of party bags? I hate party bags. HATE. Plasticky, gaudy and obligatory. My cups? Yes, I can go with that! I filled them with jelly beans and chocolate buttons, and secured them with Washi tape, and I was really most super pleased with how they turned out :) this is definitely one to do again.....or maybe jam jars?

Then, a very lovely friend of mine, having gone on a vintage hunt with me a few weeks ago and sussing out my taste....bought me this wonderful tennis racket press! I loved it instantly. I heard a few sceptics say "but what are you going to DO with it?!" Ha! Obviously they know me so little, for I am a genius (or quite good sometimes) at turning trash into treasure :)) Oh ye of little faith! 

TA DAAA! I got some lace tape out, and framed a photograph of this gorgeous girl, my Grandma...... Kathleen Therza Dunkley. (I stuck her to the tape with PVA glue, hope she doesn't mind!) 
I then proceeded to frantically search eBay for more racket presses! I mean, if there's inspiration, roll with it! Man then pointed out that sometimes, maybe, a statement is a statement and doesn't need repeating several times, thus diluting the message. So.....I took the advise on board, and just bought one more. :p I had grand designs of giving them as gifts, but again, many would be horrified to hang an old racket press on the wall next to the conventionally framed family portrait. I'll keep this one just for my house
When you start thinking though, allsorts can find another purpose! 


  1. Fabulous idea with the tennis racket press. It looks great on the photo wall. Love your wallpaper too :)

    1. See below! I WILL get the hang of this. Hope you are all recovered xXx

  2. Thanks Mary! Hey, how are you feeling? Better?